At Deputy Electric, we believe that maintenance should be Proactive and not Reactive. This means that with proper scheduled maintenance, we can find potential issues and prevent them from causing a breakdown causing loss of production and labour hours. Most companies call us when something has broken down requiring instant repair or replacement no matter then time of day. At each breakdown we attend, we explain how proactive or preventative maintenance can allow you to avoid unscheduled downtime. Our proactive maintenance program allows tracking of reoccurring weaknesses or issues that may need correction in the near future. Our proactive maintenance is scheduled depending on the type of machines or equipment for maximum effectiveness. Scheduling can be adapted to accommodate your preferences, demand or manufacturing schedule.

One of our best weapons in the world of electrical proactive maintenance is the Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera. Most electrical overloads, breakdowns or failures are caused by or produce excess heat which during operation of equipment can not be detected any other way than with Thermography. All of Deputy Electrics licensed Journeyman Electricians are trained and certified Thermography Technicians, which means that provided proper safety measures and PPE we can test energized and operating machinery or equipment, check circuit loading, check wire connections and terminations to diagnose electrical overheating and provide repair recommendations.



Other types of Proactive Maintenance we offer include but are not limited too:

  • Lighting levels and efficiency
  • Power Factor correction
  • Monitoring of power quality
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Back up power systems
  • Motor and pump maintenance
  • Inspect for electrical code compliance
  • Electrical safety and safety systems