Control Panel for Conveyor Belt SystemIndustrial Controls

Industrial electrical controls are what separates modern day industry from the industry of the iron age. Increasing productivity, accuracy, quality, precision, safety and drastically reducing labour costs. Over the years we have learned that the most important thing about industrial controls is choosing the right products in the design stage. These products have to stand up to the physical demands, the constant pounding of mechanical forces and the high heat of daily operations. When a contactor is turned on and off 150 times a minute, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, choosing the right product can save tens of thousands of dollars in down time replacing an inferior contactor several times a year.






Commercial Controls

Commercial controls are not very different from industrial controls, reliability of products is the key. With the many decades of experience Deputy Electric has, we have learned what products stand the test of time. Unfortunately, with many manufacturers of commercial equipment, some choose less reliable parts to save on costs of their equipment. Aside from that, another expertise of Deputy Electric Ltd is the installation of Commercial controls. We pride ourselves in the fact many other electricians that see our installations ask “How did you do that?” All wires, piping and devices must be neatly installed and kept out of sight for a good install. We also love to take products that have normal uses in the industry and finding new ways to use them that people have never seen before.







Residential Controls

Residential controls are usually installed by the homeowner for convenience, to save time, money, utilities or for personal safety. For saving time, controls can be installed to turn on lawn sprinklers when watering is required so you no longer have to turn them on. To save money, controls can be installed to ensure lights will not turn on if its not dark outside. For safety, controls can be installed to sense seismic activity so that in the event of an earthquake the power to the house can be turned off. Similar controls can be installed to turn power to a home off in the event of a fire or flood as well.