Is Deputy Electric licensed and insured?

Yes, Deputy Electric is licensed by the City of Winnipeg to conduct business as an Electrical Contractor. All of our Journeyman Electricians hold a current and valid Red Seal Construction Electrician or  Red Seal Industrial Electrician License. All apprentices are registered in the Province of Manitoba Apprenticeship Program. Deputy Electric hold a current and valid 2 Million Dollar Liability Insurance Policy.



Does Deputy Electric warranty your work?

Yes, all parts and labour is warrantied for one year from the date of completion.



Is Knob and Tube wiring dangerous?

Generally, if it is not altered or damaged, no. Much like Asbestos, if you do not touch Knob and Tube wiring it is not dangerous. Having said that, we also have to say that Knob and Tube wire was a wiring method used a very very long time ago and that nothing lasts forever. The insulation does deteriorate over time and this could become a hazard. To sum it all up we are saying that if your home has Knob and Tube wiring in it we are pretty sure its not going to burst into flames today but, if you have Knob and Tube wiring the chances are it is over 60 years old and perhaps you should have it replaced.



Is Aluminum wiring dangerous?

If you do not know how to properly work with it, Yes. Aluminum is a much softer metal than copper. Over time, the wire could expand and contract thousands of times there fore reducing the contact the wire has with the device that it is connected to. When joints or connections become loose, they generate more heat when they are being used. This heat generated can begin to melt the insulation on the wire causing a serious issue. Another issue with aluminum is that it reacts to other metals. If the devices connected to an aluminum wire is not rated to be used with aluminum and an oxidizing agent is not used, the same heating issues will occur causing shock and fire hazards.



Do you only do work in Winnipeg?

No. We work all over Manitoba. We have worked in Ontario, Saskatchewan and North West Territories. It is a goal of ours to work in every Province and Territory and experience our beautiful country.