Back Up Power

There are just as many different types of back up power as there are reasons for installing back up power. In an industrial setting, large diesel generators are normally used as a source of pack up power to keep vital electrical components or equipment running in the event of a power failure. Commercial and residential applications also use back up generators that are usually diesel or propane powered. Solar Panels, wind turbines and Battery Banks are forms of back up power that is used by Industrial, Commercial and Residential applications. Solar Panels or Wind Turbines can be used to maintain a charging voltage to a cluster of batteries known as a battery bank. This is an application that good for powering things like emergency lighting or critical components in the event of a power failure. The DC voltage can be Inverted into an AC voltage as a back up power supply for a Data Rack, computer equipment or any other critical equipment.
Power failure can happen anytime and any where due to mechanical failure, a vehicle hitting a transmission pole or most common due to weather. Power could be out for hours or days and if you have back up power supply it could mean the difference of surviving or not.