Industrial Lighting

Lighting an industrial environment is not always an easy task. Its important to consider many elements that work to impact the amount and quality of light reaching a surface.

Choosing the right type of lighting is imperative. New LED lighting offers significant advantages for Industrial and Hazardous Location facilities delivering improved performance & reliability. These advantages include:

  • Improved quality & colour of light
  • Reduction of UV emissions
  • Dramatic reduction in maintenance
  • Dramatic reduction in power consumption
  • Improved facility safety
  • Smaller and lighter fixtures




Commercial Lighting

When it comes to choosing and installing Commercial Lighting, this is our opportunity to use all of our Artistic abilities. Lighting can be beautiful, dramatic, functional and used to create any mood you need to achieve. Deputy Electric can design build and install a Lighting Control System for any need, like:

  • Retail Display Lighting
  • Restaurant Illumination
  • Office environments
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Exterior & Parking Lot Lighting

Control of lighting is what makes a Lighting System. Many types and styles of control can be used to create or recall several different pre-set lighting scenes to control moods, focus on product or to accomplish certain tasks. Types of controls for lights consist of:

  • Dimmers & Occupancy Sensors
  • Photo Cells & Timers
  • Manual or Automatic Switching Stations
  • Smartphone or Tablet Wireless Control.



Residential Lighting

After 28 years in the trade, the one thing we understand about Residential Lighting is that no one wants the same fixtures that everyone in the neighbourhood has. If the fixtures are of the same type as the neighbours, we find an artistic or creative way to install the fixture so it is different than the Jones’.
State of the art control can also be used in a residential setting for both convenience and power savings. By using a control system like X10, Mr. Jones will be very impressed when you turn on and off your lights from his house over your smartphone. We also can do:

  • Exterior home & Landscape Lighting
  • Kitchen & Task Lighting
  • Pool & Patio Illumination
  • Architectural & Accent Lighting




For all Industrial, Commercial and Residential Lighting needs, Deputy Electric can design and install the best lighting system and if applicable , submit an application for Manitoba Powersmart Program rebate saving you up to 100% of the cost of the fixtures.