WTF? Gallery

 This one is my all time favorite. We found this at one of our favorite customers when we just started doing work there. For some very bizarre reason, the company that previously did the work for this customer decided to mount not just this plug, but 3 other plugs directly under the downspout from the roof. On this spring day as the temperature cooled, the melted snow from the roof was pouring down the down spout and splashed directly on the plug and cord. The thing I found most amazing, when I took this picture, the plug was still operating.












We were doing a couple jobs for a General Contractor customer of ours on the Birdtail First Nations Reserve. We were staying at a "lovely" Motor Hotel in a near by town. This equally "lovely" light fixture was on the roof to light the parking lot. Personally, I feel they would have got much better light distribution if they would have used a Dodge hubcap instead of GMC.









We found this one in the Men's Room at a Downtown restaurant we stopped at for lunch. Our best guess is that the ballast in the fixture had stopped working and instead of replacing the ballast, it was cheaper to buy a keyless fixture and a bulb than the ballast cost. Regardless what happened here, its very cheap, very unprofessional and quite dangerous.